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Thanksgiving With Your Slow Cooker

Thanksgiving meal table setting

Cooking the Thanksgiving meal can be a hectic endeavor involving an overcrowded oven, multiple assistants and mad timing skills. This year, save your sanity by preparing at least part of your Thanksgiving with your slow cooker. Even if you have a double oven, the nature of a traditional Thanksgiving menu tends to mean that certain […]

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Stuffed Cabbage Soup

Stuffed cabbage soup

We are fans of stuffed cabbage, but honestly, the hassle factor is so high! Hence, this easy Stuffed Cabbage Soup recipe was born. Just toss the ingredients into the slow cooker, and the homey, savory, satisfying goodness of stuffed cabbage is yours—but in a convenient soup that needs no rolling, stuffing, sauce-making or tending.    […]

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Spicy Fish Stew with Potatoes and Fennel

Slow Cooker Fish Soup

This fresh and tasty Spicy Fish Stew with Potatoes and Fennel is inspired by the classic Italian saute of fennel, garlic and crushed red pepper. Perfect year-round, I especially like it in the spring when the nights are still chilly but I’m craving lighter dishes. Fennel is one of those vegetables that lots of people […]

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