Easy Chicken Marsala

chicken and mushroom over mashed potatoes
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This Easy Chicken Marsala delivers the flavors of the classic dish in a simple, yet scrumptious slow-cooker version. Frankly, it’s hard to go wrong with mushrooms, onions, cream and wine, right? Serve this over rice or mashed potatoes so that savory sauce doesn’t go to waste.

I seem to recall seeing Chicken Marsala on restaurant menus in the 90s—it’s the kind of dish I tend to order at restaurants because it seems complicated to make at home. Plus I love the combination of flavors that Chicken Marsala presents. The blend of savory and sweet, the tender chicken and the abundant mushrooms—it’s all so darn good.

Being able to get those same flavors at home isn’t hard really—and it’s not an expensive dish to make, either. Instead of chicken breasts, this version uses boneless chicken thighs. They go on sale frequently, and I always stock up because they are so versatile and don’t dry out in the slow cooker the way that chicken breast tends to.

While it might not be the prettiest dish on the site, does that really matter when it tastes good? I didn’t think so. And you can always jazz it up with more chives, a crunchy green salad and a brightly-colored veggie on the side.

Since Easy Chicken Marsala is one of the faster-cooking dishes on this site, you don’t have to start this recipe in the morning. You can make it when the whim strikes you—or when you start thinking about dinner. In any case, as long as you’ve got 4 hours, it’ll be done.


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