Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for Post-Thanksgiving

easy slow cooker recipes

With all the culinary work that a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal requires, you might be wondering if you’ll ever feel like cooking again! But one thing is certain, you WILL be hungry for something delicious in the days after the holiday. Put your slow cooker to work for you! Here are our suggestions for some easy slow cooker recipes that are perfect post Thanksgiving. 

Your slow cooker is perfect for post-Thanksgiving meals because with minimal prep you are free to do what you like—the slow cooker will do the work. So, while you’re shopping, sleeping or visiting with friends and family, your trusty slow cooker happily cooks along and keeps everything hot for you.

Here are our suggestions for easy, slow cooker recipes for post-Thanksgiving and beyond.
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Chinese Beef Brisket

Slow cooked beef brisket


Apricot, Cherry and Pear Compote

Try it over yogurt or with oatmeal for breakfast, or over ice cream for dessert

slow cooked fruit compote


Greek Chicken with Tomatoes, Rice, Feta and Olives

slow cooked greek chicken


Lemon Rosemary Pork with Potatoes and Spinach


Molasses-Rubbed Pulled Pork

slow cooked pulled pork


easy slow cooker recipes

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