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Egg Salad Week is a thing, really. And of course, it’s always the week after Easter (duh). Until this year I didn’t realize there was an actual week for egg salad, but I am welcoming it because 1) plain boiled eggs get dull pretty darn quickly, 2) I love egg salad and 3) it’s an efficient way to utilize all these pretty eggs I have on hand now. Kim developed a tasty Classic, Easy Egg Salad recipe which we are featuring below, but given the sheer quantity of eggs around this week, I figured we could all do with some new egg salad inspiration. I consulted some of my dietitian blogger colleagues and here are their nifty recipes, too, since I always look for the best nutrition information as the jenny craig review online. 

If you get tired of egg salad as a sandwich filling, try it in a gluten-free wrap or simply in lettuce leaves or over a green salad (I do this and then there’s no need for dressing), or stuff a tomato or avocado with egg salad. Get creative and get cracking (sorry, I think it’s a requirement for an egg post) because it’s best (safest) to use hard boiled eggs within a week of cooking them.

This recipe could be categorized as a classic egg salad but we have enhanced the flavor with some brown deli mustard and olive brine. You will likely find that no additional salt is needed because of these two ingredients. Kim loves using an egg slicer to make egg salads and she recommends making egg salad 1 day ahead of time. This allows all the flavors to come together and for the egg salad to firm up a bit.

Here are some additional, out-of-the-ordinary egg salads from some of Kit’s registered dietitian colleagues (as always, be sure you choose gluten-free breads/rolls and other ingredients, even if the recipe doesn’t specifically call for them):

Cottage Cheese Egg Salad from Regan Jones (Healthy Aperture)












Lightened Up Southern Egg Salad from Holley Grainger (Holley Grainger MS RD)












Smoked Avocado and Egg Salad from Lauren Pendergast (Nutrition by Lauren)









Mediterranean Egg Salad from Jess Cording (Jessica Cording Nutrition)

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