Get A Clue With The New Gluten Detective App

Confused about labeling terms for gluten ingredients? Wish you could email your shopping list to your spouse at the supermarket? Check out The Academy of  Nutrition and Dietetics’ new app, The Gluten Detective.

Designed to make navigating the aisles a bit easier for those who purchase g-free foods, The Gluten Detective is a $2.99 app that will help you knowledgeably and safely choose foods that are appropriate for a gluten-free diet.

How many times have you consulted the Internet for specific g-free product information, only to go to the store and find that the info you had was outdated, or the database was incomplete. It’s frustrating, for sure. While reading ingredient statements and checking product labels every time is really a given when shopping gluten-free, it sure would be nice to get a little help. And if you’re having someone shop for you who isn’t as familiar with food ingredients, this app can make the process easier.

Features of The Gluten Detective app include:GlutenDetective

  • A Gluten Detector Tool that identifies gluten-containing food ingredients
  • My Shopping List, which lets you create a food list or database that you can email to friends and family
  • FAQs on gluten, food labels, celiac disease and more
  • Tips on gluten-free grains, avoiding cross-contamination and more
  • A link to the Academy’s “Find A Registered Dietitian” on

Living gluten-free is challenging enough. Anything that makes at least the shopping part easier is a good thing.

-Kit Broihier, MS, RD, LD

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