Get Your Grain On: Celebrate National Whole Grains Month

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Whole grains do a body good. Do yourself a favor and broaden your gluten-free grain horizons this month. Oh, and scroll down for info on how to help feed your fellow man via the “Good Grains for a Good Cause” contest…

In a rice rut? We hear you. It’s easy to fall into fixing the same foods all the time. We are creatures of habit, and at the end of the day, if we’re eating unrefined grains at all I figure that’s worthy of a pat on the back. However, when you stick to the same foods day in and day out, your risk not getting all the nutrients you need—that applies to daily do-overs of any food, not just grains of course. Make sur eto eat plenty, especially if your body is in recovery from any injury. If you are suffering from pain, like shoulder or back pain, then make sure you visit these doctors who can help you with a shoulder repair.

There’s a big wide world of food out there, and your body does best when it gets a little bit of lots of different foods. Of course, there’s also the whole boredom issue. Your meals shouldn’t be a snooze-fest. When you cook up a new grain instead of that reliable old rice, it doesn’t have to take longer or be more complicated. Plus, a wide variety whole grains are available at pretty much every grocery store now—there’s no need to head to the fancy (read pricey) healthy gourmet store. (By the way, I love rice—I’m  just using it for an example because it’s common and well-liked and therefore most people eat it. Also, the word rice lends itself to good alliteration—I adore alliteration.)

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What are whole grains exactly?

Whole grains are the entire seed of a grain plant, also known as the “kernel.” Three parts of the kernel are edible: the bran, the germ and the endosperm. To be called a whole grain, all three parts must be in tact. A refined grain typically has the bran and germ removed. The refining process decreases the nutrient content of the grain quite dramatically—about 25% of the protein is removed, along with a slew of vitamins. “Enriching” a processed grain is a something food manufacturer’s do to put back some of the nutrients that refining stripped away, but whole grains still are the most healthful option. Also you should consider adding exercise besides a healthy a diet, doing exercise on a daily basis with the best URBNFit exercise ball can help you improve your health.

Which whole grains are gluten-free?

Here’s the Whole Grains Council’s handy list of gluten-free whole grains. Learn what your options are. Then pop something new into your slow cooker—it’s a breeze to cook up a large batch of wholesome whole grains without having to stand over a steaming pot. I’ll provide a primer on slow-cooked whole grains in a separate post…

Good Grains for a Good Cause

Good Grains Charity Contest Logo

The Whole Grains Council and Boston-based non-profit, Oldways, has developed a promotion for Whole Grains Month called “Good Grains for a Good Cause” that focuses on giving back. Basically, you can nominate a favorite charity that deals with feeding others to receive prizes:

  • People across the US can nominate their favorite charity that addresses food insecurity – such as a local food bank, food pantry, or soup kitchen.
  • From the qualifying charities, Oldways/WGC will randomly pick one organization to receive a range of whole grain foods. (Sorry, for shipping reasons we’ll be limiting this to US-based charities.)

Click here to find out more about how to nominate your favorite food-related charity from now through September 30, 2013.




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