GF Harvest Oatmeal Go-Packs

Given that it’s National Oatmeal Month, it’s a good time to talk oatmeal. In fact, we’ll likely be covering oatmeal more than once! Here’s a little info about GF Harvest Oatmeal Go-Packs, a product I recently discovered, and one that I think you’ll be interested in as well… 

At the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ fall Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo I got the chance to try this oatmeal at a lovely little breakfast event that featured a new product called GF Harvest Oatmeal Go-Packs. By the way, I wasn’t obligated to write about the product, nor have I been compensated for this post, but I did get a couple samples of the product.

GF Harvest has an interesting history, which I will briefly summarize as a true family affair. You can read about the company here, but suffice it to say that their interest in GF products is because they all discovered over time that they have celiac disease or various levels of gluten intolerance.


What’s so special about this oatmeal? Well of course it’s all Certified Gluten Free, but their products have extra levels of security, a Purity Protocol that involves strict control and testing at every step of the process, from seed selection to final packaging and shipping. What impressed me greatly was the investment that GF Harvest has put into owning their own mill and product handling equipment—that helps insure that no errant oats or other grains come in contact with their products. Here are just a few aspects of their Purity Protocol:

  • Testing every truck before entering the mill
  • Double testing in our lab with monthly sample re-verification by an independent lab
  • Making sure each bag of oats is from non-GMO seed
  • Processed in our DEDICATED Gluten Free Mill
  • Packaged and stored in our DEDICATED Gluten Free warehouse and production facility


Ok, so what’s so great about the Go-Packs? Well, who doesn’t like portability? These little packs make it easy to keep safe, healthy and delicious oatmeal in your office desk drawer (no bowl needed!), take camping, or simply to keep on hand at home for those mornings when quick-and-easy is the order of the day. Open the package, pour in hot water and there you go! I am partial to the Cinnamon and Golden Raisin variety, as well as the Original, but no worries—all 4 flavors are available in a mixed pack, if desired.

Look for GF Harvest Go-Packs at your local stores (check here for availability) or order them online from GF Harvest or Amazon.
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