Greek Chicken with Rice – For IP or Slow Cooker

Greek Chicken with Rice
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I’m a big fan of Greek flavors, so nobody had to twist my arm to get me to update our Greek Chicken with Rice recipe for the Instant Pot. Really, any excuse to make this is fine by me. 

The IP version is just as good as the original, yet takes a fraction of the time to cook. Both methods deliver tender chicken and a satisfying tomato-rice mixture with plenty of fresh herbs, feta and Kalamata olives. How long you’re willing to wait for a bowl of this goodness is up to you.

Do note that searing the chicken in the Instant Pot does require the addition of a little oil (the IP version also uses uncooked rice)—see the note at the bottom of the instructions. Serve this with a Greek salad (of course), or even just some sliced cucumbers and a simple dressing. So good, so easy, so get on it, people.

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