Holiday Chopped Kale Salad

Holiday kale salad
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Oh, Holiday Chopped Kale Salad, how I love thee! Too much? Probably, but this salad has been one of my favorite holiday cooking discoveries. I tested it a couple of times before our annual holiday bash, and happily ate it for days. At the party I had to refill the serving dish three times! Even people who profess to not like kale have eaten this salad and admitted that they liked it. Give this Holiday Chopped Kale Salad a chance this season.

The beauty of this salad is obvious visually. It’s a stunning combo of frilly dark greens and shreds of bright red cabbage, sprinkles of salty, white feta and dots of deep red from the pomegranate arils. The dried cranberries provide a nice textural contrast and a little tartness, and candied pecans add some crunch and a shot of sweetness. Dressed with an easy pomegranate and balsamic vinegar-based dressing, there’s just a lot to love about this salad.

I really like chopped salads because every bite delivers a little taste of every ingredient—there’s no sad pile of “toppings” left at the bottom of the bowl once the greens have been consumed. I also like that the dressing is evenly distributed throughout, so there are no drenched greens or undressed veggies.

In general, kale-based chopped salads (as opposed to regular lettuce salads) tend to keep nicely for a couple of days—even when they’re already dressed. The salad mixture lasts even longer if you leave the dressing off until you want to serve it. Having a bag of this salad around has allowed my family to have a healthy salad with our dinners so quickly this season. It’s a very handy thing this time of year when my mind is crammed with holiday to-do lists and I just want something tasty and wholesome to appear on my plate at dinnertime. We’ve topped this salad with cooked chicken and also served it alongside leftovers from our annual holiday bash. Every time we sit down to this salad my husband and I actually remark about how good it is—and how nice it is to have it at-the-ready.

Ok, that’s enough intro, here’s the recipe. Keep in mind that a little time for prepping the kale is required  (don’t buy the chopped kale in a bag unless you enjoy eating the stems—I don’t). Other than that, it’s pretty quick to put together.

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2 Responses to Holiday Chopped Kale Salad

  1. michelle weaver December 21, 2018 at 9:23 am #

    I could eat that often. All good ingredients, healthful salad.

    • Kitty Broihier MS, RD, LD December 21, 2018 at 9:39 am #

      Great! Of course, one could alter the ingredients as well–for me the key is the pomegranate dressing and a mix of ingredients that includes some sweet, some salty, and plenty of veggies.

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