Jenaluca Herb Scissors

Jenaluca herb scissors

How did I live without herb scissors for so long? Check these out if you use fresh herbs in your cooking (and I believe that you do, at least sometimes)…

My thoughtful husband tucked these herb shears into my Christmas stocking last winter, when thoughts of our herb garden were far, far off. However, since kitchen gadgets are usually well-received, I’m sure he figured that some day I’d be happy to own these—and I am.

Note: This is not a paid post, nor did I receive anything in compensation for writing this post. I simply think this is a good product and thought you’d be interested in learning about it.

These Jenaluca Herb Scissors are getting near daily use at my house, now that summer has finally arrived and my herb garden is thriving again. The shears have 6 stainless steel blades, which means that each snip is like cutting or chopping 5 times with a regular kitchen knife.

I don’t know about you, but I think chopping herbs is tedious and so over the past few years I just used a regular scissors to get the job done, but the pieces were never uniform and although easier than chopping with a knife, it still took a little time. Now that I have these herb scissors, all the pieces of herbs are the same size and the multiple blades makes it all super speedy. When you want just a few sprigs of something for a garnish, for example, or a small amount of fine chives, or if you want to snip the herbs right into the pot, these herb scissors work like a charm—not knife and cutting board routine.

For $15, the sheers come complete with a cover to keep the blades protected when stored. High quality, good price. Good job picking these out, honey!

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