Layered Mediterranean Casserole

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Guest post by intern Jenny-Rose Mercuro

In a perfect world, I would have chosen to prepare this casserole during the summer when fresh vegetables are abundant.  But, who lives in a perfect world?  I certainly don’t (hence the yellow peppers I used instead of red ones), but sometimes I want to eat something when I want to eat it. 

This recipe is full of the vegetables I have been craving after this long winter, yet it’s hearty enough to warm me up on still-chilly spring days. Don’t be put off by the rather lengthy ingredient list—these are commonly-available ingredients that just need a little prep. Then the whole thing is really just a matter of assembling the ingredients in layers.

I recently did some research regarding the connection between celiac disease and Type 1 diabetes (read the post I did on this topic here) and I became intrigued as to what someone who has these two diseases might eat.  This recipe is not only gluten free, but can also satisfy the dietary needs of a diabetic.  It just goes to show that even with multiple dietary issues, you can still take culinary trip to the Mediterranean in the month of March.











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