Lucy’s Gluten Free Holiday Cookies!

I’ve become a fan of Lucy’s gluten free treats for those times when a treat is in order. Ok, I know I usually remind folks that packaged treats are not a necessary staple item for a healthy G-free diet, but at holiday time it’s always good to have a few cookies on hand for, um…cookie emergencies. 

Lucys holiday cookiesDon’t you just love this time of year when special holiday foods show up in the supermarket? You know, those things that are not found at other times of year, the variety of in-shell nuts, the first citrus of the season, the expanded selection of party-type foods, and yes, special cookies and crackers in festive shapes. Those crackers with snowflake designs and the cute star-shaped cookies with sprinkles are a sure sign of the coming holiday feasts and celebrations. Shopping gluten-free, however, takes some of the fun out of the process since many of the treats and sweets contain off-limit ingredients. That’s why I was happy to receive a few sample boxes of Lucy’s Holiday cookies.

I’ve only shown two of the flavors in the pic at left because I shared the third type with a friend (yes, I’m just that nice). So the Gingersnap flavor is missing, but the Chocolate Merry Mint and the Sugar Cookies made it into the picture. And then, for the sake of this blog post, I had to break into them and sample. Sure, I’ve had Lucy’s other cookie flavors before (and loved them), but these cookies were begging to be eaten with a nice cup of coffee. So I did just that.

Lucy’s cookies are very crunchy, which I like, and the flavors of all her cookies are great—not overpowering, just tasty and satisfying. These holiday versions were just as delicious as the others I’ve tried, and I’m  partial to chocolate mint-flavored things anyway, so that box will be the first to go, I’m sure.

Anyway, give these a try if you’re looking for a little holiday-themed goodie to have on hand. The Lucy’s website doesn’t seem to have the holiday cookies featured yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. And if you want to ask them about the ingredients or nutritional info or anything else, you can send them a message through the website.

–Kit Broihier


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