Mark’s Favorite Beef Stew

mark's beef stew
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The stew waiting to be cooked.

My husband holds the title of the pickiest eater in the Mayone family. The list of ingredients that he disdains is lengthy. Of all things, Mark truly despises onions, in any way, shape or form.

This ingredient aversion irritates me to the nth degree because any self-respecting cook knows the culinary importance of an onion. Wanting to maintain marital harmony, I simple hide the onion in the form of homemade onion puree and toasted onion powder. I do not follow this type of deceptive cooking practice all the time because I am a huge fan of sliced onions and marriage is about compromise. Right?

This rich, savory stew will satisfy any beef stew craving. Make up a batch for Sunday football or keep it in mind for a weeknight dinner. This slow cooker recipe is one of those that benefits from a long, slow cooking time, so take advantage and take the night off from standing in front of the stove.


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