Mella Lid Latch To The Rescue—No More Rubber Bands!

Mella Lid Latch on slow cooker

I tried out the Mella Lid Latch at home with my own slow cooker recently. And although I haven’t been toting my slow cooker around lately, I know that day will come again. And when it does, my slow cooker will arrive securely closed. 

Disclaimer: I was provided with the Lid Latch free of charge to evaluate. No financial compensation or promise of favorable review or inclusion on the blog was given in exchange for the sample product.

My old stand-by method of keeping the slow cooker lid safely perched on the crock involved a criss-cross arrangement of rubber bands. Now, using rubber bands to keep the lid on does work, but it’s so much easier to use the Mella Lid Latch. Now when I arrive at a party, pot-luck or other get-together, my slow cooker will arrive safe, sound and looking spiffy, too. 

The adjustable Lid Latch is a universal tool, so it works with any brand of slow cooker. It also fits a variety of other dishes and pans, including regular saucepans and casserole dishes. Made of flexible, food-grade silicone, the Lid Latch should be hand-washed when needed.

The Lid Latch is available in single or double packs. You can purchase the Lid Latch on Amazon or soon at Wegman’s supermarket stores. 



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