Molasses Rubbed Pulled Pork

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Pork waiting to be rubbed with spices and molasses.

Action Shot!

Molasses-rubbed pork ready to be slow cook. This is a 5.5 qt. oval slow cooker and it accommodates a doubled recipe just fine.

A 9×13-inch pan full of pulled pork and the cooking juices waiting to be skimmed.

A big pan o’ yum!

Cooking juices refrigerated overnight makes it much easier to skim the fat. I almost always save the fat to add some to slow cooked bean recipes.

Cooled cooking juices will look a bit like brown Jello but do not be worried, it is supposed to look that way, it will melt and become liquid again as it warms.

Fabulous Gluten-Free Pantry Items for Pulled Pork:

Colgin’s Liquid Smoke
Udi’s Glute-Free Classic Hamburger Rolls

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