New App Alert! Is My Food Safe?


Here’s a helpful free app for all those times when you’ve wondered if the food you have at home is safe. Are those aged leftovers in the fridge still considered edible, is that jar of peanut butter one of those included in the latest product recall, are my sponge-cleaned counters actually clean? Check out this new free app…

It’s called  Is My Food Safe? (how’s that for an appropriately named app?) and it’s available for iPhone and Android.It’s a creation of the Home Food Safety program (a collaborative effort of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and ConAgra). Basically, it helps you with food safety at home from a variety of different angles.

As we all get into cooking more for the holidays, bringing things to pot-luck parties and giving homemade food gifts, it’s a good time to check your knowledge and brush-up on food safety basics. You’d hate to be the one that brought the unsafe food to the holiday festivities, right?

And really, good food safety practices are not difficult, but over time we can forget the specifics…or get lazy about it. It happens.

Here is what the app includes:

  • IS IT DONE YET? Check the safe internal cooking temperatures for meats and more.
  • TIME TO TOSS? Learn essential information on how long you can keep those leftovers.
  • QUIZ: IS MY KITCHEN SAFE? See what grade your kitchen receives.
  • ASK AN EXPERT. Find out more from RDs—the food and nutrition experts.

–Kit Broihier, MS, RD, LD

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