Overnight Oatmeal – Maple Pumpkin Goodness

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Guest post by Nicole Nadeau, intern

With late autumn mornings being so cold, we regret leaving the bed immediately.  Mornings at our house are often rushed. We attempt to wake with enough time to make ourselves presentable, have a cup of coffee and a nutritious breakfast and that’s it.

With neither of us wanting to be the first to leave the warm bed, and yet knowing full well that we will be inevitably late for work, one of us ventures out and throws together a last minute breakfast.  There’s nothing wrong with last minute peanut butter toast, but there is something so very right about a hot, oatmeal-centered breakfast on these kinds of mornings.

rolled oats

Overnight slow cooker oatmeal is the ideal recipe for busy folks. Prior to bed, one of us sets up the coffee for the morning, the other throws together the oatmeal.  As we sleep, our slow cooker, which we’ve named Chef, slowly heats our oatmeal so that as the sun rises, the smells from our kitchen lure us from the bed and into the kitchen for coffee and a ready to eat warm and delicious breakfast with no rushing involved.  Hallelujah!

Photo credit: lisaclarke / Foter.com / CC BY-ND

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