Overnight Slow Cooker “Hard Boiled” Eggs

Colored eggs
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Need  A LOT of hard boiled eggs soon for coloring or for a potluck-sized bowl of egg salad? This easy “recipe” for Overnight Slow Cooker “Hard Boiled” Eggs is your answer. True, boiling eggs is super easy on the stove, but sometimes you just…don’t…want…to…deal… And as I said, this way you can make a large amount of eggs with no fuss. 

This technique is a breeze of course, but there is a tip: use white-shelled eggs. The reason for this is that the overnight aspect of this method turns the egg whites a light beige color. If you use brown-shelled eggs, the whites will be very beige. While the flavor is unaffected, you may find the color unappealing. That is why we recommend using these overnight eggs in egg salad or other recipes where the color of the whites is not crucial.


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