Sugar-Free Summer Stone Fruit Compote

Sugar Free Stone Fruit Compote
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This Sugar-Free Summer Stone Fruit Compote was born out of the need to use up a bunch of peaches and nectarines that had passed their prime but were still very much edible. Also, I really wanted something different to top the cottage cheese that I frequently eat for lunch in the summer. With no added sugar, and a mix of warm spices, this compote lets the perfect taste of the summer fruit shine. It also tastes like pie without the work of having to actually make a pie. 

I’ll come clean right now and tell you that I had intended to post a slow cooker peach cobbler. I love peach cobbler and could eat it every day. But, after several attempts that just didn’t measure up to traditional cobbler, I gave up. Some things are better left to an oven and in my opinion, cobbler is one of those.

Anyway….simple is good, and very few recipes are more simple to make than this one. I don’t even call for peeling the fruit, although if peels don’t appeal (like that?), feel free to go the boiling water plunge-and-peel route before putting the fruit in the slow cooker).

I can think of several ways to use this Sugar-Free Summer Stone Fruit Compote besides as a topping for cottage cheese. For example, it could be used:

  • over ice cream or mixed into homemade ice cream
  • with pancakes or waffles instead of syrup
  • layered with yogurt and toasted pecans for a parfait
  • as a smoothie or milkshake ingredient
  • as the basis for a “cheater” fruit crisp—top with granola
  • added to oatmeal or other cooked cereal
  • as a dessert, served in a fancy dish and topped with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle of crushed gingersnaps or vanilla wafers (the gluten-free ones are really tasty)
  • and even as pie filling (if you’re not averse to turning on your oven like I’ve been lately)

Make this recipe your own by varying the fruit you want to use. I used nectarines and peaches because that’s what I had on hand, but tossing some plums in there would have been great, too. I added some dried cherries, but you could leave those out or swap them with dried apricots or cranberries. And if you want real sugar, go ahead and use that (1/2 cup).

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