Thanksgiving With Your Slow Cooker

Thanksgiving meal table setting

Cooking the Thanksgiving meal can be a hectic endeavor involving an overcrowded oven, multiple assistants and mad timing skills. This year, save your sanity by preparing at least part of your Thanksgiving with your slow cooker.

Even if you have a double oven, the nature of a traditional Thanksgiving menu tends to mean that certain dishes are rotated in and out of the oven in order to cook them and then keep them hot. It’s an annoying process and it doesn’t have to be this way, people! Trust me on this: it’s soooo much easier to plan on cooking at least one Thanksgiving recipe in your slow cooker (heck, you can even cook a turkey breast in the slow cooker).

Looking for a few ideas? Here are some of our favorites, below.

Whatever you end up doing to get all your Thanksgiving favorites on the table this year, we wish you a holiday that’s delicious in all possible ways.

Butternut Squash & Pear Soup

A cup of soup makes a nice appetizer.

butternut soup in green bowl


Slow Cooker Candied Pecans

Great for munching on while waiting for food to be served 🙂

Candied pecans on a baking sheet


Cranberry Roasted Turkey Breast

If you are a white-meat lover, this is an easy and tasty way to get there.

Sliced turkey breast with cranberry sauce


Cranberry Date Baked Oatmeal

You need breakfast on Thanksgiving, right?!

Baked oatmeal in a pan


And for those who don’t like pie (I hear there are some people like that).

Maple Syrup-Sweetened Slow Cooker Egg Custard

slow cooker custard on a decorative plate

And when it’s all over and done, here are a some easy ideas for post-Thanksgiving meals. 

easy slow cooker recipes

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multiple thanksgiving foods

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